Greenfield Organic NANOXY Disinfectant Spray 100mL

$ 298.00

Kill Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Seconds*

100% Nature and Organic | Made in Japan | Suitable for pregnant women, babies, pets, allergy and skin sensitive people.

In each spray, 800 million nano OXYGEN Enzyme bubbles form disinfected layer to distinguish 99.9% Coronavirus* and Bacteria.

Greenfield Organic NANOXY disinfectant can destroy the “Enveloped virus” is by “Oxidizing” the lipid envelope, the protein layer called capsid, of the Virus and deactivate it’s infection.

The Core Technology is to create “nano OXYGEN bubbles with diameter around 30nm – 180nm” which are stable for significant period in suspension in water. In one spray, it contains 800 million nano OXYGEN bubbles.

Another active ingredient is Enzyme from multi organic fruit extracts. This ingredient make it EATABLE and NON-TOXIC (not like 1/99 bleach) , NON-FLAMMABLE (not like 75% alcohol), GOOD for SENSITIVE SKIN (safe for pregnancy, baby, Eczema etc.).

This disinfectant is to cater for a pandemic when a new disease for which people do not have immunity spreads around the world beyond expectations. It’s FIVE times more powerful that normal disinfectant. By Hong Kong Top-tier University laboratory test, Greenfield Organic NANOXY disinfectant is resulted in complete inhibition of “Enveloped virus” infection even at diluted 20% in 59 seconds.


Usage: Spray in Air, on Skin or any objects
(Can spray on mask to distinguish virus, bacteria and bad smell due to longtime wearing)

Function: Clean Virus in Aerosol, Distinguish >99.9% Enveloped Virus (H1N1 & HCMV ) in 59 seconds, Kill E. coli, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella and fungus.

Ingredients: nano OXYGEN bubbles, 800 million Enzyme bubbles, Organic Acids

Storage: Avoid storage in direct sunlight and store in cool place.

Size: 100mL (to spray around 1,000 times, 10 times per day, can be used for around 3 months )

*Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre (STC) and Hong Kong Top-tier University laboratory test reports: Greenfield Organic NANOXY Disinfectant can distinguish >99.9% Enveloped Virus (H1N1 & HCMV) in 59 seconds. Coronavirus (COVID-19) is Enveloped Virus.

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