Super Food Chlorophyll

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Cleanse | Detoxify | Alkalise

Chlorophyll is the natural green pigment found in plants that is responsible for capturing energy from sunlight to provide nutrients needed by plants to grow. The health benefits of eating green vegetables can be attributed to their chlorophyll content.

Chlorophyll is considered a superfood, containing a variety of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Chlorophyll has been clinically studied as a supplement for over 50 years and is considered very safe. Each 10mL dosage of Greenfield Organic liquid Chlorophyll contains as much chlorophyll as 2 Pounds of Leafy Green Vegetables.


Health Benefits
~Can be taken as part of a healthy detox program
~Natural antioxidant source
~Supports Vitality
~Supports healthy digestive function
~A natural alkaline drink

~Detoxing and Cleansing~

Chlorophyll can support detoxification and cleansing. Research has identified that chlorophyll may support liver detoxification and can assist in eliminating toxins.

Natural healthcare practitioners often recommend chlorophyll as a supplement to assist with cleansing internally to improve skin conditions including pimples, acne and psoriasis.


For optimum health, the human body must maintain a pH of around 7.4. Everything we eat can influence this delicate balance and if too many acidic foods are consumed over time, this can potentially result in the development of chronic illnesses.

It is therefore recommended to consume more alkaline foods such as fresh vegetables and fruits to help maintain optimum pH levels. Consuming chlorophyll may assist in achieving this as it is rich in minerals and therefore very alkaline. Each 10mL dosage of Greenfield Organic liquid Chlorophyll contains as much chlorophyll as 2 Pounds of Leafy Green Vegetables.

~Natural Internal Deodoriser~

Natural healthcare practitioners have traditionally recommended chlorophyll to help reduce body odor, bad breath and foul smelling body excretions. Several clinical trials have been conducted demonstrating beneficial results.


Chlorophyll possesses antioxidant properties that may decrease oxidative damage induced by chemical and radiation exposure. Research has shown that chlorophyll can protect against the harmful effects of consuming charred burnt meat, which contain heterocyclic amines, known carcinogens.

*Pack size: Liquid 500mL
*Dosage: Take 5 – 20mL every morning before food.
Store below 30°C before opening.
Refrigerate after opening.
Use within 6 months of opening.

Not to be used in children under two years of age without medical advice.

No added:
Gluten, lactose, egg, yeast, soy, peanut, artificial flavours or sweeteners, GMO.